Andrea Yellinek, MS, ACC, CACP, BCC
ADHD/Executive Functions Coach

ADHD Coaching Q & A


Q: Where does coaching take place?

I coach all of my clients virtually via online platforms such as Zoom or by phone.  Virtual coaching is an effective and convenient method that enables you to work with someone without ever leaving your home.

Q: How does coaching work?

During our initial session, we will clarify what you want to achieve, identify your signature strengths, and discuss your executive functions challenges.  This will set the foundation for the rest of our coaching sessions.

Between our sessions, you will be asked to work on thought-provoking or practical "mini-assignments' that will advance you towards your goals. My role will be to support and encourage you, ask targeted questions, and hold you accountable towards your goals.

At the beginning of coaching, I generally recommend weekly 45-minutes sessions with a month-to-month commitment.  This helps us to develop a collaborative relationship, maintain consistency, and achieve maximum results. 

Q: What is the difference between coaching and psychotherapy?

Coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy generally focuses on treating psychological pain, emotions, or interpersonal issues.  While coaching recognizes these issues, it focuses on taking action towards personally meaningful goals, as identified by the client. 

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