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What is coaching?


In recent years, coaching has become a widely recognized process for helping individuals maximize their potential.  A coach partners with you to define your goals and help you take action to achieve what you want in life.  Equally important, a coach can help you use you tap into your strengths, maintain focus and direction, and stay on track - difficult task for many of us!

Meet Andrea Yellinek, MS, ACC, CACP, BCC


Andrea Yellinek is a credentialed ADHD and Life Coach, as well as a licensed occupational therapist.  She is committed to assisting adult professionals and college students with executive functions challenges, as well as parents of special needs children use their strengths to create more balance and fulfillment in their lives.

Coaching - a supportive journey


  • Discover your signature strengths.
  • Set goals and stay on track.
  • Manage your time and stay organized.
  • Sustain motivation and focused on your goals.
  • Create healthy routines and habits for yourself.

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